Neural Net Lottery Picker 2.1

Neural Net Lottery Picker is a Feed Forward Back Propagation (Artificial) Neural Network using the lottery draw results as training data to create picks (as result from the trained NN) .

The training process is repeatedly trying to find a network which gives a smaller average error than the previous training results, thus hopefully generating more winning :) numbers for the upcoming draw(s). So each time a better result (smaller average error) has been found, the NN output (lottery pick) will be displayed (added to the list of picks).

Neural Net Lottery Picker can be used for jackpot games like pick 5 ( 5/35, 5/38, etc.), pick 6 (6/45, 6/49 etc.) , keno and also for digit games like pick 3, pick 4 etc.


[1:] Load draw results or paste the results in the text box. Latest draw result must be at top of the file/list!!!

[2:] Enter neural network parameter settings

[3:] Start training the neural network...