Markov Chain Generator 3.0

With Markov Chain Generator 3.0 you're able to create Markov Chains from lottery results or create lottery picks from Markov Chains.

This tool is still in development and more features will be added to it in the future!

Instructions Markov Chain Generator

[1:] Paste the lottery results in the text box. Latest (most recent) draw result must be at the BOTTOM of the list with lottery results!

[2:] Here you generate Markov Chains from each next result.

[3:] On this page you generate Markov Chains from all the numbers of the imported results.

[4:] Here you can edit first the lottery results before importing into the tool. For example show only the last digits of the lottery results or create index number groups of the results.

[5:] Generate lottery tickets from the Markov Chains.