Dynamic Wheels

Dynamic Wheels tries to find the best performing permutation for your imported lottery wheel and the selected filter conditions.
Assume you want the combinations of a lottery wheel fall within the sum range 110 and 156, fall within the width range 22 and 39. And you want the combinations to have for example an maximum match of 3 with the latest e.g. 20 draw results. So, how to get the job done?
It is an impossible process to find the best permutation for your wheel and selected filters if done manually. Dynamic Wheels will do this job for you by automatically testing hundreds of permutations per second!


[1:] Import lottery wheel. See for wheel examples at the end of this page.

[2:] Select the filters you want to apply to the imported wheel.

[3:] Hit the 'Start Search' button to optimize the wheel lines for the selected filters. When all lines for a wheel match the selected filters the search process will stop automatically. Or you can hit the 'Stop' button if no improvement has been found for a while.

[2:] Wheel results after optimization.

Older version of Dynamice Wheels written in Delphi.

Wheel Examples

Wheel Download
2 if 2, 6/45

Download Wheel 2 if 2, 6/45

4 if 6, 6/45

Download Wheel 4 if 6, 6/45

4 if 6, 6/49

Download Wheel 4 if 6, 6/49